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Property Preparation and Coordination

Preparing your home for sale can be especially difficult if you’re working full-time, parenting young children or live outside of the area. That’s why my team and I step in to serve as the liaison between you and each vendor to make this preparation phase a breeze. From basic necessities like cleaning and staging to new flooring, paint, and landscaping, we are here to help coordinate all the vendors for you, from start to finish.

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Compass Concierge

Get fronted for the cost of home improvement services with no interest — ever.

Compass Concierge is the hassle-free way to sell your home faster and for a higher price with services like staging, flooring, painting, and more.

Trusted Affiliates

Finding the right people to help you prepare your home for sale can be cumbersome, but I have a large network of trusted professionals including stagers, interior designers, contractors, floor inspectors, and cleaners that I work alongside and fully endorse. For a full list of companies I recommend, click here.

Single Property Website

I build a custom webpage for every home I list for sale, with a unique domain name that corresponds to the home's address ( The web page serves as a central location that buyers can use to access information and stay engaged with the home longer, and with less distractions, than on other websites like Zillow, Trulia, and RedFin.


Driving traffic to the property website lets us track buyer activity through the course of the listing & makes your home stand out from the competition.

The Power of Photography

Branding your home with a visual story inspires and encourages greater engagement with buyers. Photography provides a representation of your home that is often the first point of contact, and first impressions are crucial to the successful sale of your home. Professional photography can act as a driver for sales and can be the key to obtaining the best possible selling price.

Every listing is professionally photographed by a local professional and edited until everything is just right. The right photos are paramount to capturing the attention of buyers and having your home stand out from others. The photos are the main marketing medium and will be syndicated via the MLS. When not leveraging our video marketing, photographs will be used on social media sites. 


Before & Afters

We have key partnerships with some of the top architectural photographers in the region to ensure your home stands out with high-quality photography.

Before & Afters

Sky Replacement

518 Miramar Drive - Sold for $106,000 Over Asking

View Property

Before & Afters

Sky Replacement

518 Miramar Drive - Sold for $106,000 Over Asking

Before & Afters

Visual Enhancement

111 Hebard Street Sold for $116,000 Over Asking

View Property

Before & After

Virtual Staging

222 Quarry Lane - Sold For Asking

Before & Afters

Item Removal

408 California Street

3D Virtual Tours

I employ cutting edge 3-D imaging systems to create a virtual tour that lets buyers interact with your home before and after open house, letting them explore the areas they love the most. This technology allows buyers to stay engaged in the home and revisit rooms or areas of the property that may be missed in the photos or the videos. Although similar to the video walkthrough, this tool captures a buyer's attention and puts them in the driver's seat.

Floor Plans

Floor plan renderings with estimated square-foot measurements help buyers envision themselves living in the home they are buying, giving them near exact measurements of each room, on each floor. Buyers can then cross-reference the floor plans with the other marketing tools (Virtual Tour) and stay engaged, longer.

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Print Materials

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Social Media Marketing

We utilize platform-specific tools that syndicate across multiple channels. These platforms also seamlessly track engagement, views, and monitor the overall performance of your home on the internet. Your property will also be promoted via Google my Business, Facebook, and Instagram.

Email Marketing

My team will curate a custom MailChimp E-mail Blast to up to 10,000+ Bay Area Brokers, personal sphere of local agents, and real estate network. This is ideal to get the property in front of agents because agents sell what they know. The e-mail will be interactive and include links to the single property website, showing scheduler, and

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Glide & Disclosures.IO

Glide is an online platform for completing statutory seller disclosures. The app streamlines what was once completed by hand on multiple sheets of paper and takes you step-by-step through each section of the disclosure ensuring no items are missed along the way. You can also easily flag a question you are unsure about, save your progress, and add additional information with ease.

Reports and property disclosures are hosted in the cloud and accessible to home buyers and buyer's agents via easily compiles disclosure packages with drag and drop organization and allows control distribution with customized invitations and alerts. Knowing who is serious about buying your home with real-time data gives us a competitive advantage when negotiating multiple offers.

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Tracking activity on the home is very important to gauge home well your home is doing against the competition. Leveraging built-in website analytics and 3rd party syndication property reports, we will have a working knowledge of how well the marketing is performing against other properties.

Silicon Valley Connections

With valuable relationships and strong connections, I network with some of the most successful agents in the luxury Silicon Valley market and belong to a prestigious networking group for top-producing agents in the Bay Area where we focus on marketing and negotiating strategies. 

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Being your trusted advisor is a privilege. That's why I do business in person from start to finish. 1108 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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