Moving Checklist

If you have ever moved, you are well aware of the numerous things to keep track of and how easily it can become overwhelming. Having a to-do list the weeks prior to the big day can help ease some of the burden. I’ve put together a checklist of things to keep in mind starting two months before your move.

Two Months Prior

  • Research local moving companies and get quotes. If you have any oversized items like a piano, pool table, or large safe, be sure to confirm that the moving company will be able to move these items. Click here for a comprehensive guide to the best moving companies by Consumers Advocate.
  • Start sorting out your belongings and decide what to keep, give away, or throw out. This is a vital step before your move, so you can avoid paying extra moving costs to haul items you don’t actually want or need in your new home.
  • Make a special folder for all documents pertaining to your move. This includes receipts from moving companies, insurance, quotes, etc.
  • Give notice to your landlord. If you are currently renting, 60 days is usually a standard amount of time but always double check your lease agreement.

One Month Prior

    • Purchase packing items (boxes, bubblewrap, tape, permanent markers, etc.)
    • Begin packing! Label each box by room, so you know where these items belong. Be sure to keep your valuable belongings and important documents separate and remember to label boxes fragile if they contain delicate items. You can view other helpful packing tips here.
    • Update your mailing address on You can select a date when you want the address change to take place. Your mail will be forwarded to your new address for 12 months. Also be sure to change your address on file at your bank, for magazine subscriptions, loans, insurance companies, etc.
    • Start getting to know your new neighborhood.
    • Have a garage sale to sell any items you’ve decided not to take with you.

    ​​​​​​​Two Weeks Prior

      • Update your pet’s ID tags with your new address.
      • Update your driver’s license and car registration with the DMV.
      • Transfer your utility bills including gas, water, electric, internet, and trash.
      • Meal prep to use the last bit of food that’s left in your refrigerator.
      • Request the day of your move off from work.
      • Drain any garden hoses and let dry.
      • Drain gas from items like lawnmowers, generators, BBQ’s, etc.

      ​​​​​​​The Week Of

        • Clean your house and leave it in good condition for the new homeowners or tenants.
        • Pack a box of essential items you might need the first 24 hours in your new home.
        • Confirm the date and times with the moving company.
        • Start disassembling furniture such as bed frames, desks, etc. Be sure to put all the hardware in Ziploc bags and label the bags per each piece of furniture, allowing for an easier process when putting the pieces back together.
        • Finish packing up the kitchen and bathrooms.
        • Take a deep breath, you did it!

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