Designing Your She Shed

If you search ‘she shed’ on Google, Instagram, or Pinterest you will be flooded with charming, feminine spaces. Chances are when you, or the lady in your life, spot one that matches your design style you will want to build one too.

The biggest item needed when designing you’re she shed is the shed itself. You may have just purchased a property with an existing shed or are starting from scratch. If you’re starting at ground zero there is an array of shed kits that can be assembled in a weekend. Online you can find anything from a basic shed to a cedar one with a porch or you can hire a local contractor to create one for you. Make sure you check local building codes to ensure you stay within the confines of what is considered a ‘shed.’

After you’ve got the building part sorted out the fun part of designing begins. Here are some ideas to get you dreaming:

Gardening Shed

If gardening is your sweet spot, you’ll enjoy these ideas to turn your she shed into the perfect potting spot.

Crafting Room

For crafters and creatives alike you may want your space to be somewhere you can dream and design without distraction.

This can be useful so you can leave a project and come back to it later without having to worry about cleaning it up.

Cozy Nook

It can be hard relaxing in your home because you might be constantly eyeing things around the house that need to get done. If that’s the case, she shed focus on being comfy and cozy so you can just relax might be the best option!

One of the best things about starting a she-shed of your own is it’s a brand new space dedicated to you. And however, you choose to design your shed will be perfect because it’s your own special place. Make it beautiful, inspiring, and a place you want to be!

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