Easy Home Projects

Now that we’re spending more time inside, it is likely that we’ll notice some imperfections within our lovely homes. With more time on our hands, right now is the perfect opportunity to maintain and improve our spaces. Here are a few DIY projects that will keep you busy and won’t hurt your wallet:

1. Rearrange

  • Create a new space simply by rearranging furniture that you already own! Try moving furniture to different areas in a room. Move the couch to a different wall or swap out a rug from another room. Reorganize your bookshelves by theme or by color.

2. Clean

  • Cleaning has become an essential part of everyone’s routine, but there are certain areas that might be neglected due to busy work schedules. Under the Bed While vacuuming and sweeping may be a part of your cleaning routine, one might neglect a part of the room that we can’t see, for example: under the bed. Dust can build up here quickly and objects that we’ve been looking for can fall under the bed. Give a little love to this space and you might strike gold and find a couple of bucks that fell through the cracks!
up windows
  • Windows
    • As we’re enjoying our time indoors, we may reminisce about the moments where we were able to enjoy the outdoors before the quarantine. Cleaning your windows not only increases their longevity but also gives you a great view.
  • Bathroom Drawers
    • Many of us are guilty of trying many products before we finish them and forget to throw them away. Because of this, products we no longer use take up space and can create gunk and residue that sit in our drawers. Toss what you haven’t used in the past few months and organize your drawers with the products you use the most.

3. Organize

  • Declutter
    • Avoid getting overwhelmed and tackle one area at a time. Quarantine has allowed us more time to stare at the crowded areas that need more attention. Tidy up the entryway or reevaluate your closet. There are many areas of the house that need attention.
  • Labeling
    • If you have containers in the kitchen or in your closets, labeling can make it easier to identify their contents. Use a piece of masking tape or tape a piece of paper onto the container.

Are there any other home projects you would like to try? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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