Design Trends of 2020

Rattan Furniture

If you think of rattan or wicker furniture you probably don’t think of something trendy but 2020 was the year rattan made a comeback. Interiors boasting simple, light, boho designs have reclaimed rattan furniture as theirs. From dressers to chairs and even side tables the new era of rattan furniture definitely beats the past.


Earth Tones

Earth tones are the first of two paint trends we’ll cover for 2020. While bold and bright still finds favor with some; calm, muted, and neutral colors have found their way back to the spotlight. These tones easily blend with both each other and their surroundings making them timeless and simple.

Antique Finds

The next trend we will cover is antiques. While people have been antique hunting for years, blending vintage with modern really became popular in 2020. Not only do you get something unique when you go the antique route but you also get the satisfaction of acquiring just the right item to complete your space. From repurposing antique dressers into vanities or finding the perfect mid-century modern buffet; there is something special to be said for mixing both classic and modern together.

Moody Colors

Moody color palettes were the second color trend of 2020. Possibly everyone’s mood about 2020 was coming out in their paint choice? Regardless, these big and bold color statements give depth, enhance the other furniture, fixtures, and hardware in the room and really leave you with a wow statement. Would you dare to go for a moody color?

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