1% For Good Recipient – Carrie’s Dream

During each quarter of the year, Sereno Group’s Coastal Offices in Santa Cruz and Aptos choose two recipients to receive a grant from Sereno’s 1% for Good Charitable Foundation. Each agent has the opportunity to donate 1% of their commissions to the 1% for Good Program which means that it is 100% agent funded. Since 2012, Sereno agents across the Bay Area have donated over $2.8 million to over 193 local organizations!

Carrie’s Dream, a dance scholarship fund, is one of the 1% for Good recipients for the 2nd quarter of 2020 for the Sereno Group coastal offices. This non-profit organization provides scholarships to young dancers in our community by hosting a yearly dance showcase with dancers from studios throughout Santa Cruz County. The showcase, along with an auction, raises money to provide scholarships for these young dancers. Carrie’s Dream was created in memory of Carrie McCoid, who was a local cheer coach and dance teacher for over 15 years. Her vision was to see young people get the chance to dance regardless of financial circumstances.


Get Involved

If you’d like to get involved with Carrie’s Dream, there are numerous ways to do so!

Become a Sponsor

If you’re a local business owner, becoming a sponsor is a great way to help support Carrie’s Dream. There are multiple tiers of sponsorship. View the tiers here.

Friends of Carrie’s Dream

Become a friend of Carrie’s Dream by giving $50 to help support scholarships for young dancers. Donate here.


Carrie’s Dream has an online shop featuring dance-themed products along with Carrie’s Dream swag. View their store here.

Shop on Amazon

We all shop on Amazon, especially these days, but did you know that AmazonSmile.com gives back a charity of your choice when you checkout? Click this link to support Carrie’s Dream through Amazon.

History on the 1% for Good Program

The 1% for Good program originated in the Santa Cruz Sereno Group office out of a desire to help contribute to worthwhile community causes through philanthropic donations. The program has since extended to other Sereno Group branches and offices in the Bay Area, resulting in a joint effort to support and contribute to local communities. Each office independently decides which local organization they will donate 1% of quarterly commissions to, allowing them to find a worthy local cause and donate where it’s needed the most.

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